About Us

Welcome to Junior Bear Ranch! We are truly a family ranch, raising hard-working young men and beautiful, elite miniature horses together. We also have an ever-growing variety of other farm animals from goats and donkeys to chickens and rabbits. We also have a small handful of Miniature Australian Shepherds that help us look over our “backyardigans”.

Mike Jr, the dad, works hard at Sparetime Supply in Willits, California, running a garden supply wholesale & retail business that his parents started from the ground up 35 years ago. Kerri “Bear”, the mom, works from son up to son down raising 4 boys, homeschooling them, and running the ranch. Jay, Aaron, Brady and Darrien are the locally-raised ranch-hands, learning the meaning of hard work and how to care for their animals from an early age. They are active in church, sports and karate, as well as many other individual activities.

Our horses are everything I ever dreamed they would be. I love to walk out into our pastures and admire what we have created here at Junior Bear Ranch. We have some of the most incredible bloodlines running rampant through our herd, which allows us to present some stunning miniature horses in the AMHA and AMHR show rings and for sale for others to enjoy as well.

Feel free to follow us on Facebook also. There are always fun happenings here at Junior Bear Ranch!

Kerri & Mike Griggs
Mapleton, UT

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